Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tails in the Grass...


Here are the last photos from my evening on the water while in Charleston.  When we first arrived to the flooded grass and pulled in, it wasn't long till Jeremy (guide) spotted the first tailing fish.  He pulled into position and I blew my first shot.  Within in a few minutes we located another fish nose down eating hard, this time the results were a little better.  It continued on like this for the rest of the evening, I was presented with great shots at feeding fish.  I was definitely rusty on my salt game, (I fished like I was throwing at carp) but did manage to land a few fish and have a great time.  If your in Charleston or looking for a place to do some flats Red fishing check out this link www.charlestonshallows.com.  It was sick and I definitely will be heading back down..      
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