Thursday, June 7, 2012

Some Evening Tying....

Last day of school was on Monday for teachers and I had a trip on Tuesday afternoon as well. So after yard work and fixing some small things around the house, I decided to tie some flies that I want to try tomorrow for the Smallies around the house. I haven't been very good at tying deceivers nor have I ever wanted to tie them in the first place, but I thought they turned out rather well. 
My trip on Tuesday was a great time with Steve. We hooked into some big fish, but never got them close enough to land. Being the first time he has fly fished, I think he came away with the drive to try it some more. 
Mike floated the Grobe brothers down the river on Tuesday and had a fantastic day with Olives and Slate Drakes on the menu. Mike was taking a client down the river as well on Wednesday too. Large Orvis school this weekend with eight people in the class. Looking forward to getting more people into the sport. 

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