Thursday, July 5, 2012

Past Week....

 After grabbing dinner with Mike at the Caddyshack at Nemacolin, which has great BBQ, I saw this giant black bear on the move on the drive home from dinner. We estimated him to be in or around the 400lbs range. It is mating season, so they have been on the move alot lately. I was just very pleased to see this big bruin. This is the second bear that I have encountered during the summer. The first was during a fishing trip on Meadow Run. The bear was young and only looked to be about 125-150 lbs. I had a good look at him only being 25 yards away when crossing the stream. 

Thought this was a cool view of Zoie riding in the back with her head out the window. She was also Orvis's dog of the day about two weeks ago. Here is the Link to the story....

Been tying a bit for some warm water species. Lynn from Woodlands World suggested a pattern for some smallies. If you ever get a chance to stop in the store, be sure to pick his brain about fly tying.  Well, back to tying some hoppers for Yellowstone in about a month. 

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  1. Cool, never seen a bear.

    I'm back fishing again, please call in and see me again?