Monday, March 11, 2013

New Gear for 2013....

Every Spring, I get a few new items for the upcoming fishing season.  Above, I picked up a Battenkill Bar Stock I for my new Winston 7' 2 wt. rod. Balances very well with the Superfine line and backing that I had also received in the shipment. I have felt that Orvis lines have come a long way since the Wonderline that did  not hold up over time. This will be my third line that I have picked up since the inception of the Hydros 3D and Hydros lines. Casting them at the Guide retreat last year had me sold. They have put a lot of work in this project and it has paid off.  

When the Guide Sling was in the prototype stage, I fell in love from it day 1. I had the original sling pack a few years ago and guided 4 seasons out of it. When I saw one of the rod & tackle designers with it last year, I could not wait for its release. It is way more spacious and exceeded my needs for sure. Mike also picked one up as well and it may finally move him from a chest pack to the new guide sling this year on the water. 

Digi Camo....Need I say more...

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