Saturday, June 22, 2013


Spent yesterday on the river. It was tough durning the day (90 degree heat and not a cloud in the sky) but we did manage to get a few to eat. As it has been for the past month the evening was solid. Isonychias were good for almost 2 hours. And the evening wrapped up with Cahills. We were able to land a few and managed some pictures. The first photo is my largest trout to date on the Yough (it ate an Iso dry). This beast was 23ish inches in length, but the girth was unreal. If I had to guest I would have to say close  to 8 pounds. All other fish were are normal healthy Yough trout, with another 20 incher making an appearance. Enjoy...


  1. Great pictures! I am headed up that way on Thursday to fish for a few days. Any advice for someone who is new to the Yough?

  2. Ryan,
    they are starting to settle into their summer feeding habits now. Early morning and late evening is when you will fish eating on the surface in numbers. In some deeper runs you can problem nymph them up as well