Saturday, December 21, 2013

Christmas Miracle - Dubic Palms Cafe 2013

Every Christmas over the past seven years, I have made a trip to Youngstown, OH to enjoy the Christmas Miracle with some close friends. Mainly this is a small get together of a bunch of football coaches in the Youngstown area. Home of some of the best football in Ohio. It's always a good time. Just a couple simple rules: No spouses, No Wine, and you must do a shot of plum brandy. (Croatian Tradition). It is tradition to have a shot of it so that it cleans your pipes. And that it does for sure. 
This time, they gave me a tour of the smoke house. I am very big into smoking meat, but this shack is sweet. Great air flow and everything is fired by cherry wood. Whole chickens, Lamb, Ham, and a whole pig on all at once. The drippings from each item is the trick here in order to keep them flavorful.  

My dad and his close friend Joe enjoying their time at the Palms Cafe. 

Bloody Mary to start the morning. I will be enjoying these over the Christmas break. Just need to get some celery salt to make them. 

If you like Heineken beer, this Croatian beer is a treat. Comes in a robust 16 oz bottle and is a smooth as it gets. Karlovacko is a crowd favorite here at the Dubic Palms Cafe. I think my brother and I will be trying to locate a case of this for the holidays.  

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