Monday, December 23, 2013

Clouser Minnows & Strip District...

Tied up some Clouser Minnows for smallmouth near the house. On a hot a sunny day, the more flash there is, equals more action.  I also use a lot of bead chain eyes when fishing low water conditions as well. For the belly of the minnow, I used white Angel Hair.  Pictured below is the Ice Dub Minnow Back Shimmer Fringe.  It was recommended to me early in the summer by Lynn at Woodlands World.  He has used it on some other patterns and really liked it properties. Using both materials in conjunction, I was able to skip a step in the process because no flash was needed.  

You get two solid patches to use in each pack. I will experiment with the other color variations as well.

UV Knot Sense in action.

Met up with Brian since he was in town for a few days. We decided to hit up the Strip District for some cultural food.  I'm not saying Wholey's is cultural, but it's just good comfort food.  Above is the famous Wholey's Whaler. One pound of fish on a Mancini bun and a side of lobster Mac and cheese.  Out of bounds is all I have to say.  

Probably the busiest day to be there.  A lot of ice being produced.

Great looking shellfish everywhere...

Everyday there are fresh lobster rolls being made as well...

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