Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Looking at a few flies that I would like to add to my spring creek fly box, I went with a recommendation from Matt Grobe. These really imitate the BWO nymphs ascending to the surface. Instead of Woodduck as the wing case, we decided that we make them a flashback WD-40. Very simple but effective fly for selective trout. 


Hook: Curved Caddis #18-20
Tail: Woodduck flank feather
Body: Tying thread 
Ribbing: small copper wire
Wing case: pearl flash
Thorax: hare-tron dubbing

Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tying more Mayflies...

Spent this morning tying up some March Browns Comparaduns. These I tied up on a #10 dry fly hook. I found a pack of custom dubbing that I bought maybe 10 years ago from the Evergreen Fly Shop in Clarksburg, WV. What an awesome fly shop and I was always drawn to there custom dubbing. I bought a great stonefly dubbing that I still use that blend today as well as a custom grannom caddis blends that I have enjoyed too. 

Hook: #8-12
Tail: Coq de Leon 
Body: March Bown Dubbing
Wing: Coastal Deer Hair

After texting a bit with Matt from Grobe Anglers Inc. blog, he suggested that I tie up some Green Drakes in a similar manner. I made some modifications to it though. Added two more materials to give it a more realistic look. I feel that this pattern will produce a 20"+ trout this summer from the river. 

Hook: #8 2xl long dry fly hook
Tail: Coq de Leon
Rib: Coats and Clark sewing thread
Body: Olive, Cream, & brown blended dubbing topped with a mottled turkey feather across the top. 
Wing: Coastal deer hair

Thursday, January 23, 2014

"Yough Yeti" Fly Tying Video...

Yough Yeti from Brooks Browns & Bows on Vimeo.

As a new piece to the blog, I wanted to start a series of fly tying videos from my Vimeo channel. In this video, I whipped up a homemade articulated streamer that I made up just minutes prior to filming. I tied an all white version and dubbed it the "Yough Yeti." In the video, I tied a two-toned version that we called the Chocolate Yeti. Enjoy the video.... I plan on narrating the following videos, so please don't be too harsh on our first attempt..

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Snowshoe on a Snow Day...

Last evening, I sat down to tie up some #12 Light Cahill Comparaduns.  These work really well on the river in May at the wire. The fish that claim habitat to that flat section of water are usually picky, but they will always take a low riding comparadun. 


Hook: #12 dry fly hook
Tail: Woodduck feather
Body: Superfine Dubbing
Wing: Cream Snowshoe Rabbit

After tying up some Light Cahills, I moved on to BWO Comparaduns. Every day on the river there is an olive hatch. Early season you will see them as big as a #14 and in a brighter olive color. As the season continues, they get as small as a #26 and become more of the traditional olive/brown coloration that I am used to seeing on the river. Tonight, I started out with a #16 Biot Snowshoe Comparadun. 


Hook: #16-20
Tail: Whiting - Coq De Leon Tailing Fibers - Lt. Dun
Body: BWO Turkey Biot 
Thorax: BWO Superfine Dubbing 
Wing: Dark Dun Snowshoe Rabbit 

I have been on a kick as of late with the snowshoe rabbit hair because of its properties to shed water and float in just about any water condition. I need to order up a Lt. Dun for sulphur patterns as well. I think they will be killer on the stream. 

Zoie has been a bit bummed out with these freezing temperatures that have come from the "Polar Vortex" air mass that decided to visit us once again this winter. While going out to clean the walks, I turned her loose for a bit so that she may burn off some of that cabin fever. It didn't take long to find a flock of turkeys to give chase.  I went to my car to grab my whistle as I was watching her on the hillside tormenting those birds. After blowing the whistle, she promptly came back. That is when I snapped this photo. I think she enjoyed her quick run in the woods that afternoon.  All in all, not a bad way to spend time on a snow day from work. 

Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brook Trout & Tracks...

Mike Steiner and I decided to hike up a local stream to find some Brook Trout willing to eat our flies. I was stubborn a bit early on by wanting to only throw a dry fly in pocket water. Mike switched over to nymphs early and it produced. 

Bobcat tracks were plentiful...

Tons of Turkey tracks as well. 

The typical fish most of the day.

The further you walk up the stream, the more beautiful it gets. There are plenty of plunges and holes that look fishy.

Helios 2 and a Brookie

In the last hole before heading back to the car, Mike landed this awesome wild fish. The colors of this fish are why I have them listed as my favorite by far. I am looking forward to heading back up here with my 2wt rod to chase these guys on dries. 

Monday, January 13, 2014

Finished My Streamer Box....

This was a tie that produced very well this past season. This Bloodied Minnow, originated by Strolis, is in a shad version. 

Ben Wise from Ozark Fly Fishing had an Orange variation. It inspired me to come up with my touch on it as well. 

A modification of my original yellow minnow that used this past summer. I really like these tiger barred zonked strips. 

A couple more trophy wives for the streamer box. 

Rainbow version of the trophy wife. 

Now it's time to sling some line...

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Wild Brookie on Vimeo...

Wild Brookie from Brooks Browns & Bows on Vimeo.

Last Thursday, John went to a stream that he has been exploring and decided to take his GoPro Hero3 with him to shoot some video. What he got was some fantastic film of a Brook Trout feeding on a consistent basis. This was a test video and edit before we start posting one of our fly tying videos. Nothing more stunning in the stream than a Brookie.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting to Film Fly Tying Videos....

 Went over John Hatcher's house to start filming some fly tying videos for the blog. We firgured that his basement would be a solid place to film considering the light an his sony HD camera is awesome. He is currently editing them and I will be creating a vimeo and YouTube channel to post the videos on for best quality. 
John will also become a writer on the blog soon. 

The first fly that I tied is the Yough Yeti. Looks killer in the vise and fishy as well. 

The next video, I tied a two-toned version  of the Yough Yeti - chocolate version. Hope to have these up soon. 

As for an update on my nymph box. I completed by adding those red copper johns, scuds, and some Walt's worms. These patterns just produce, especially in Central PA. 

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Winter Inventory - Nymph Fly Box Edition

Started my annual task of rooting though my sling pack and looking at what I need to replenish for the upcoming year. I have already stockpiled my stoneflies and crane flies on the left. I need to just tie up some red and natural copper johns. That will complete my goto flies when fishing in SW PA. I'm also going to tie up a row of scuds for spring creek because they always produce up there whether it is spring, summer, fall, or winter. 

Having Thursday off and a snow day on Friday, I had to be dad most of the day. But when she would take her two naps during the day, I would just take the video monitor downstairs and start working on the task at hand. I was motoring through red copper johns on size 14. Then next task is a tough one. My dry fly box needs some work. That will be a post in the near future.  

Thursday, January 2, 2014

Tasty Smallmouth Treats....

This color combo has produced for me on Ten mile for smallmouth...

This color combo was created from Mike Steiner, Orvis Fly Fishing Guide at Nemacolin Woodlands Resort. When we first started fishing for smallmouth around my house, he always preferred a Black Deciever. I made up a few all black versions as well as this combo of black and purple. He's response this morning: "That dog will hunt." I tied these a bit on the smaller size since I need to restock some of my larger hook sizes, but they should work well. 


Hook: any straight eye saltwater hook #1-4
Tail: pseudo hair 
Flash: any type 
Collar: polar chenille to match
Eyes: Lead barbell eyes 
Head: Senyo's lazer dubbing

New Years Day Hunt....

On the way to pick up dad, I had taken a dog selfie. Notice how wound up she is knowing that we are headed to chase some birds. 

Dad just had surgery, but he wouldn't miss going at all. Carpel tunnel didn't slow his trigger finger down. 

Zoie getting hot on a bird in the snow covered fields. 

Water break photo...

I must have hit the lottery when I dropped dad off. All dogs at the house were getting a bath. Zoie joined in the parade as well. 

After a good day in the field, I enjoyed one of my favorite beers. Gotta love a good 60 minute IPA.  Zoie did well in the thick natural cover. We put up two birds and got one down. The one rooster was a tough shot being behind a few trees with my 28 gauge. Been looking into reloading 28 gauge shot shells. Didn't realize how expensive the presses for a 28 gauge are in comparison to a 12, 20, or 16 gauge press.