Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Brook Trout & Tracks...

Mike Steiner and I decided to hike up a local stream to find some Brook Trout willing to eat our flies. I was stubborn a bit early on by wanting to only throw a dry fly in pocket water. Mike switched over to nymphs early and it produced. 

Bobcat tracks were plentiful...

Tons of Turkey tracks as well. 

The typical fish most of the day.

The further you walk up the stream, the more beautiful it gets. There are plenty of plunges and holes that look fishy.

Helios 2 and a Brookie

In the last hole before heading back to the car, Mike landed this awesome wild fish. The colors of this fish are why I have them listed as my favorite by far. I am looking forward to heading back up here with my 2wt rod to chase these guys on dries. 

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