Thursday, January 2, 2014

New Years Day Hunt....

On the way to pick up dad, I had taken a dog selfie. Notice how wound up she is knowing that we are headed to chase some birds. 

Dad just had surgery, but he wouldn't miss going at all. Carpel tunnel didn't slow his trigger finger down. 

Zoie getting hot on a bird in the snow covered fields. 

Water break photo...

I must have hit the lottery when I dropped dad off. All dogs at the house were getting a bath. Zoie joined in the parade as well. 

After a good day in the field, I enjoyed one of my favorite beers. Gotta love a good 60 minute IPA.  Zoie did well in the thick natural cover. We put up two birds and got one down. The one rooster was a tough shot being behind a few trees with my 28 gauge. Been looking into reloading 28 gauge shot shells. Didn't realize how expensive the presses for a 28 gauge are in comparison to a 12, 20, or 16 gauge press.  

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