Sunday, January 5, 2014

Starting to Film Fly Tying Videos....

 Went over John Hatcher's house to start filming some fly tying videos for the blog. We firgured that his basement would be a solid place to film considering the light an his sony HD camera is awesome. He is currently editing them and I will be creating a vimeo and YouTube channel to post the videos on for best quality. 
John will also become a writer on the blog soon. 

The first fly that I tied is the Yough Yeti. Looks killer in the vise and fishy as well. 

The next video, I tied a two-toned version  of the Yough Yeti - chocolate version. Hope to have these up soon. 

As for an update on my nymph box. I completed by adding those red copper johns, scuds, and some Walt's worms. These patterns just produce, especially in Central PA. 


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  2. I look forward to seeing the videos. Thanks for sharing

  3. I love other peoples fly clips. I never fail to get something out of them despite tying myself for as long as I can remember.
    Hope it all goes well. I'm following so hope not to miss a trick or two.

    Best Wishes.