Saturday, January 25, 2014

Tying more Mayflies...

Spent this morning tying up some March Browns Comparaduns. These I tied up on a #10 dry fly hook. I found a pack of custom dubbing that I bought maybe 10 years ago from the Evergreen Fly Shop in Clarksburg, WV. What an awesome fly shop and I was always drawn to there custom dubbing. I bought a great stonefly dubbing that I still use that blend today as well as a custom grannom caddis blends that I have enjoyed too. 

Hook: #8-12
Tail: Coq de Leon 
Body: March Bown Dubbing
Wing: Coastal Deer Hair

After texting a bit with Matt from Grobe Anglers Inc. blog, he suggested that I tie up some Green Drakes in a similar manner. I made some modifications to it though. Added two more materials to give it a more realistic look. I feel that this pattern will produce a 20"+ trout this summer from the river. 

Hook: #8 2xl long dry fly hook
Tail: Coq de Leon
Rib: Coats and Clark sewing thread
Body: Olive, Cream, & brown blended dubbing topped with a mottled turkey feather across the top. 
Wing: Coastal deer hair

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