Sunday, February 9, 2014


John Hatcher and I have been discussing building a glass rod for about two months. I have been rather impressed by his custom work on a few rods that he has made for a few friends. He prefers a very clean and traditional look to his rods with premium components. He had purchased a few Epic glass blanks about two weeks ago. This rod build was a 7'6" 4 weight. 

He had chosen to go with black silk to compliment the white Epic blank. 

Most of this rod was made with materials that he had in inventory. He chose to go with Struble hardware for the reel seat. The wood insert was Ambonya as well. The handle was created with a flor grade ring turned down to a reverse half wells handle. This felt great and looked awesome in person. 

Zoie and I went for a ride to the mountain for a run in the snow to locate a few birds and burn off some of her nervous energy. Mike Steiner, fellow guide, had joined us for the snowy adventure this late morning. Afterward, we stopped in at Woodlands World to visit Garrett at the fly shop. 

Mission accomplished today. 

After dinner this evening, John had mentioned that on his way back from his parent's house in West Virginia, he had christened his Epic 4 weight with a solid bow. If anyone is interested in rod by John, please email me any time. 

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