Sunday, February 2, 2014

Golden Stones & Streamers....

I have messing around with that minnow shimmer flash material and I really like it for Clousers. I only made a few in this small size and small bead chain eyes for low water conditions around the house. I also feel that this material will light up and attract fish on those sunny days. I had tied some small Clouser like this before with lots of flash and a sparse amount of buck tail, preferably in root beer and white. I felt that I landed ever fish in that stretch that I could that day. With the amount of snow were getting this morning and yet another day off of school, I may have to wait a bit longer to try these out. 

Building the body of this Golden Stone.

Been seeing a lot more of the golden stones on the river over the past two years. I wanted to tie this for two reasons. Use it when they are coming off in decent numbers in some of the faster water and to also use it as a dry dropper setup on the river. I found this pattern online, so I can't take credit for it but it is a solid pattern.  

Started making a few more video for our vimeo channel.  They will be out soon. I need a name for this streamer. Any suggestions?

Some snowday fun with the dogs this morning.

Our oldest dog, Macie, loves the snow. 

Hallie on the sled for the first time as well as enjoying the snow too. 

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